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As designers and collaborative partners in life and work Annaminh  and James Mansour had faced daunting challenges before - but the Global Pandemic that struck New York in the spring of 2020 was different. 


The restless creators asked themselves some tough questions: “How should we respond to the chaos of Covid-19? Do we have a role? Or are we helpless by-standers?...” 


Annamihn’s flash of insight was this: self-care and wellbeing had suddenly taken on urgent importance. Protecting and empowering on-the-go women  and families like hers was now paramount. She envisioned functional yet fashionable anti-bac dispensers that friends and family could take everywhere and use every day.  


So during New York’s lockdown - at the height of the Spring pandemic, Annaminh & James set about hand-making little gifts in their design studio to protect friends, family and co-workers. Next they gave them away to New York’s frontline healthcare workers... The response was overwhelmingly  positive and thus Swedey was born.


Today, Swedey is on a mission to create elevated hand-care essentials - eco-friendly, versatile products for today’s multi-tasking woman. Fun affordable accessories that pack a mini-arsenal of sanitizing protection to meet the needs of our changing times. Swedey makes safe delightful. 


The name is a ‘bon mot’ from Annaminh’s earliest days in New York when as a Swedish club kid, bad with names, she called everyone “Sweetie”. The icon represents our wish for the world to find a little joy amidst the yin and yang of our times.


Swedey is on a mission to create elevated self-care essentials - classic fashion accessories with a bold twist to meet the needs of our changing times. 

Self-care and wellbeing have taken on urgent importance in 2020. We create essential accessories that go beyond self-expression: eco-friendly versatile products for today's multi-tasking family's - must-have pieces that are designed to protect and empower as they delight.. 

Constantly striving to minimize our impact on the environment through the use of our cruelty-free fabrics is in our DNA. Each Swedey piece is 100% vegan and is made to last.

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Swedey is a conscious brand, constantly working to become more sustainable, both in our manufacturing processes and in our materials. 


Our pieces are made to stay in your wardrobe - and out of the landfill - for years to come. From the start, we’ve put our heart and soul into creating the highest-quality animal-free products. We believe in ethical fashion and accessible prices without compromising style or quality.


We love designing timeless accessories made to wear for years to come. 

As a women led company, we believe in female empowerment and we deeply care about our community, standing up for social justice, inclusivity, and speaking our mind


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